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Enfield 8000 from Syros Cyclades Greece
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In the Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis, in Syros island, you will be able to see an Enfield 8000 car in perfect condition both externally and internally. To your convenience, you will find the address and the telephone number of the museum, as these appear in the web, attached.

Yet, this particular page ( is in no way connected to the museum. If you wish to contact the administrator of this webpage please just use the following email address.


Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis
11 Georgiou Papandreou St.
84100 Hermoupolis Syros, GR


Museum ☏ +30 22810 84762
Museum ☏ +30 22810 81243
Enfield8000 [at] Hotmail.Com
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April 8, 2024


Enfield 8000

ENFIELD 8000 | Το πρώτο ηλεκτρικό αυτοκίνητο ευρείας παραγωγής παγκοσμίω…